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The South Park Rail Society is a Colorado non-profit 501(c)(3) organization charged with the care and restoration of the 1881 Como Roundhouse, preserving the area's railway history and operating steam locomotives in the South Park of Colorado
Has Returned
Steam Returns to Como This August !!!

 On August 19, 2017, the first scheduled train in 80 years arrived at the Como Depot greeted by brass bands and waving flags. Check the news section for more photos of the 22nd Annual Boreas Pass Railroad Day.

This event marked the beginning steam operations returning to the mountain town of Como, Colorado and we are now expanding our operating schedule for 2018.

2018 Operating Schedule

May 26th & 27th

June 30th & July 1st

August 18th & 19th

Sept 1st & 2nd
              August 18, 2018            

2018 Work Party Schedule

We will be holding more work parties in Como this Spring. The schedule is currently under development and will be posted here soon.
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More Railcars Could be Coming to Como

The South Park Rail Society (SPRS) has been offered two ex D&RGW freight cars from the Ashby Collection for use in the Como Project. The cars are being donated to the SPRS however they need to be shipped from their current location to the rail yard in Como, Colorado.

The Idler flatcar #6770, which was used on the Georgetown Loop RR as a maintenance of way car, will be very useful to the Como Crew to move rail and ties 
as we continue to construct track in the Como Railyard.

High Side Gondola 1267 will be an important addition to our collection as well. Though it is a Denver & Rio Grande car, gondolas of this series (1250 to 1499) were frequent visitors to the Colorado & Southern line through Como as late as 1924. The cars would be carrying coal, loaded at mines on the Baldwin Branch near Gunnison that was consigned to points on the C&S, including Fairplay and Breckenridge. It will be a great asset to have one of these cars in Como to illustrate the interchange of cars that did occur between the C&S and D&RGW.

We would like to Thank Mr. Lindsey Ashby for his generous donation of these railcars to The Como Project.  We are now currently soliciting funds to have these cars shipped to our shop facility in Como where they will receive needed paint and repairs prior to joining the growing museum collection at the Como railyard.

If you would like to help support this work, please consider a tax deductible donation to the South Park Rail Society and The Como Project. Checks can be sent to:

South Park Rail Society
2253 N. Downing St.
Denver, CO 80205

Or you can make a donation through the online donations page by clicking the blue link below. 

Thank you everyone for your support of
The Como Project. 

 Highside Gondola #1267                                                    Flatcar #6770
Ship & Restore Railcars for Como